31 October 2017


Established in 2006, DCP it's a conceptual project
permanently in progress,whose goal was to create
and published a small format collage every day.
Now with 11 years, the project collect about 3000
collages, made on a daily bases, witch which were
shown on several events related to collage:
exhibitions, publications, brochures, workshops.
The goal of create collages on a daily bases is in
the presente days ended. However because this
is a Project, is still running with other goals. Now,
our aims are to work on the produced collage
material and continue to show it througt exhibitions,
books, visual and literary essays and other means
on display, like lectures or other kinds of
interventions related to collage. We thank to all who
accompanied and follow the Daily Collage Project
over the years, to those who buy the collage works
and visited the exhibitions. We hope you will
continue to follow us and support our work, which
You can follow what's going on here?

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