05 June 2007

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collage on canvas I colagem s/tela I 12x12cm


Anonymous said...

This is a sort of rite of passage to those who observe these works on collage. The result is an intimate glimpse into a mind richly graphic in all senses of the word. Tempted to believe that all this is the expression of an ever productive but never repetitive process, these works shift between the metaphorical and the credible, the narrative and the imagined, but manage to retain an engaging realism of gesture and expression. All that with paper debris of all sorts? Thanks you so much.
One may say they inhabits a world, or one may say that many worlds inhabit them. Whatever you think, these are like a connective visual tissue between the thoughtful philosophical, artistic expressionism and beautiful creations drawn on collage techniques, denoting rites of passage, narratives, thoughts, birth, motion, gesture and many more. Congratulations!
Leslie Weber

dilarp said...

Thank you so much for your comment.